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Poster: Lum Edwards Date: Apr 18, 2008 5:20pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Torrent of info

>>>It's like I lend a DVD from my collection to a friend to borrow or even to trade. It doesn't make any difference the material is copyrighted, because I'm not selling it or airing it on television. Torrent sites are the same as those two friends, only it's the Internet and it's tens of thousands of people SHARING. :)

You cant really believe that can you.
You are not "Lending your DVD" you are make a copy, or tens of thousands of copys. Legal?
I am no fan of the current copyright laws and they should be changed. Let the content producer have a period of time to recoup the investment and make a profit to make more content. It should be like when drug companies make a new wonder drug, they get a set amount of time to sell it then others can make the generic version.


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Poster: Executive Date: Apr 18, 2008 8:02pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Torrents

Well, Lum. It's like this: Torrent websites have not been determined to be illegal or else none of them would exist. The fact of the matter is that the music industry is suffering, but not just because so many of us download our favorite songs. Is it a factor? Sure, but the only regulation that I've seen is by the more popular ones (such as Napstar, which I believe charges $1 per download). Napstar was a music site that was targeted by the government, yet the bottom line is that they weren't selling as much advertising on their site as a MiniNova or Pirate's Bay, and that's the real reason behind the restructure.

Yet there will always be people who buy CDs and DVDs. I still buy DVDs to add to my already large collection, but there are those TV shows and movies that I can't find in the video I download them instead. If I download a 50 year old episode of CHEYENNE, do you really believe that hurts the Warner Bros. studios when the show has already sold so well (first season released so far) on DVD? My point is that there will always be someone to buy these shows, but not everyone can do that for whatever reasons. There are multiple avenues to find what we're looking for, and this is really more a gray area....but NOT an illegal one.